nobody is utterly lost, and nobody need despair

  1. Have you ever owned a record? I have. It wasn't a 'thing' at the time, though, but just the way that we collected music.
  2. In some states people want to make it a requirement that creationism be taught alongside evolution in high school sciences classes. What do you think of this? the separation of church and state is a constitutional right. It does not belong in schools that are funded with public money.
  3. Should evolution also be taught in religious establishments like church or temple? if they wish so, then that is fine. There is no concurrent separation of state from church.
  4. Can a person believe in creationism and in evolution at the same time? yes, I think that each of these can be more gray than the harsh black and white in which they are portrayed at times
  5. Who did you get this survey from? I think that The Cat probably did parts of it first?
  6. Say one nice thing about the person you got this survey from: I like staying at her house. That may not sound like a big deal--but for me, it is.
  7. Here is a list of priorities:
    Close friends
    Being true to yourself/self respect
    Leading an exciting life
    Making a contribution to humanity
    Being rich
    Being famous
    Having power
    World peace
    Accepting and understanding others
    Finding yourself

    What are your top three priorities from this list?
    1. being rich
    2. wisdom
    3. love/sex
  8. Out of that same list what are your BOTTOM 3 priorities?
    1. making a contribution to humanity
    2. being famous
    3. accepting and understanding others
  9. How many hours of TV do you watch in an average day? zero
  10. Do you want to have a car, a house and 2.5 kids? no, thank you. But I would probably trade the kids for another car? Or a few years off the mortgage.
  11. What song, CD, or band is a 'guilty pleasure' for you (meaning you know it sucks but you like it anyway)? I really don't look at it that way. For one thing, my taste is impeccable. But more importantly, it's all relative.
  12. If you were going to vote for a candidate for president and then you found out that the person you were going to vote for is HIV positive would that effect your vote and why? no, because HIV is not a death sentence
  13. Have you ever had an HIV test? yes
  14. What time do you:
    ...get up in the morning:
    between 6 and 7 most days
  15. ...eat lunch: between 1 and 2 most days
  16. ...do something active during the day: after work, around 6:30 or 7 most days. And lately I've been walking on my morning break at 10:15.
  17. ...go to bed: it varies widely. Sometime between 9:30 and 1:30.
  18. Have you ever ridden a motorcycle? not for a really long time. A couple of short-term boyfriends in college had motorcycles. (Actually, they had the same one, but that's beside the point.) I rode with each of them a couple of times. As much as I would like to say that I loved it, I didn't love it. The motion needs to come naturally, and for me it just doesn't.
  19. When you hear the word ‘biker’ what kind of person do you think of? more of a Pork Chop, less of a Chris
  20. Did your parents ever talk to you about sex? no, thank God
  21. If your pet dies, you can now have it cloned for $50,000. How do you feel about this? it's about what the market will bear. That is not the choice that I would make, but if it's someone else's preference, then ... sure.
  22. Are you or would you be embarrassed about buying condoms? if you're embarrassed by buying condoms, you shouldn't be even considering using them (or not using them but having sex anyway)
  23. Do any of your clocks make an odd noise or play a song when the hour strikes? I only have one "clock" as such, and it is silent
  24. Are you a sinner? yes. And so are we all.
  25. Are you naughty or nice? probably more nice than naughty, I'm sad to say, as time goes on. But I still have my moments. Today, for instance, was an exercise in that very thing.
  26. Is belly-dancing sexy? it can be
  27. What celebrity would you love to be able to dance with? Gene Kelly, since this is all imaginary anyway

[From the 5000-question meme; this is the first quarter of the thirteenth part. The title quotation is by David James Duncan, from The Brothers K]

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  1. hey! I get Gene first! Dibsies! :-)
    Not sure you'd love my house right now. 'Tis a bit of a sty.