excruciating agony makes me cranky

  1. Have you ever wished for wings that work? no - but the prompt reminds me that China Miéville's Perdido Street Station remains on my "get to it" shelf
  2. Have you ever imagined that you are not really of this world? all the time
  3. Did you have an imaginary friend as a child? I don't think so? My imagination didn't take me in that direction, as I recall
  4. Do you still have imaginary friends? only in the sense that some people I think are my friends probably are not
  5. Do you enjoy reading children’s books? meh. Having a boss who almost obsessively read them to me deadened a lot of that joy.
  6. Are you decadent? in some ways, yes. I love shoes, and really nice jewelry. When I drink coffee, I only like it so strong and sweet that you could stand a chopstick in it. I change my pedicure a couple of times a week when it's warm enough (which it is decidedly NOT yet). Things that look and feel and smell nice bring me joy.
  7. What would make you happy that money cannot buy? love, of course
  8. What would make you happy that money can buy? a series of good massages. Or, honestly, money.
  9. Where do you hang out on your spare time? home
  10. Do you delight in minor euphoria? it's been a while since I've been under the influence of that...
  11. It's (what time is it?) ______. 20:31
  12. Do you know where your:
    Mom is?
    probably at home
  13. Dad is? likely near Mom
  14. First boyfriend or girlfriend is? it looks like he's in Cottage Grove
  15. Boy or girlfriend is? pure imagination
  16. Best friend is? home
  17. Soul mate is? see imagination, above
  18. Wallet is? dining room
  19. Who do you feel sorry for? myself, mostly
  20. What will you never say in front of your parents? "let's get drunk and get tattoos!"
  21. Do you change your personality and behavior depending on who you are with? of course; doesn't everyone?
  22. Are you waiting for marriage to lose your virginity? yup
  23. What year were you born? it was a very good year
  24. What is your sign?
  25. What year did you/will you graduate from high school? roughly 17.5 years after I was born
  26. Do you use moisturizer? all the time
  27. On what parts of your body? ...most of it?
  28. Are the 70's back in style? some of it, sure
  29. Do you read any magazines? four, I think?
  30. Do you read before going to sleep at night? usually
  31. Are you a music maker? not anymore. Big consumer, though.
  32. Are you a dreamer of the dreams? uh, yeah?
  33. How do you feel about large corporations? they serve a function
  34. How do you feel about people who are “just doing their job[s]”? the world is made up of people who are just doing their jobs. Equating this with some sort of Hitlerian brainlessness is short-sighted, paranoid, and ridiculous.
  35. Which would you watch of these choices: Pitch Black; The Mummy; Pretty Woman probably the third option
  36. About what percent of the time do you feel good about yourself? I don't have it down to a science. Does anyone?!
  37. Do you feel comfortable with other people (in social situations)? it depends on the situation, and the people. What an odd question!
  38. Do you have good friends/family relationships? DUH
  39. How do you control your tension and anxiety? with wires and pulleys
  40. Are you able to meet the demands of life and function in society? no, not at all
  41. Do you curb your feelings of hatred and guilt? nope
  42. Do you maintain a positive outlook? not in the least
  43. Does knowing you enrich the lives of others? you'd have to ask "others"
  44. What things do you cherish? the thought, the joy, and the strength
  45. To what extent do you value diversity? not as much as you might think
  46. What fascinates you? probably all of the wrong things
  47. Do you appreciate nature? sure
  48. If you could be someone else for a day who would you be? my friends' cat
  49. Would you ever consider 'psychic surgery' if you were ill? I have no idea what that is
  50. How about voodoo? not likely
  51. Herbal remedies? doubtful
  52. How effective do you feel meditation is? it's probably really effective for people who believe it will work
  53. How effective do you feel prayer is? extraordinary
  54. How [long?] do you think that you (or anyone, for that matter) could pray without ceasing? I don't think it's a "time limit" concept, like holding your breath
  55. Is religion a live option for you (that is, a possibility, something you are drawn to even if you have no belief)? that question, in and of itself, is specious and bizarre
  56. What part of your body do you lavish the least attention and love on? my back - since I can't see it at all
  57. How many clocks are in your house? one
  58. What topics would you like to see more of on this survey? thoughtful subjects that require some content in return are welcome

[From the 5000-question meme; this is the second half of the fourteenth part. The title quotation is by Brandon Mull, from Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary] 

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