love is a haunting melody that I have never mastered, and I fear I never will

  1. What do you think about the movie Blast from the Past? it was an old favorite of a former boyfriend. I think it's a sweet little film, have watched it several times--and will probably never see it again. No irony intended: some things are best left in the past.
  2. If you were on death row (if you don't feel evil enough to really ever get there, imagine that you have been wrongly accused and wrongly convicted) what would you want your last meal to be? breakfast. Definitely bacon and something.
  3. How would you want to die (electric chair, gas, lethal injection, hanging)? never, never answer this sort of question. {{{shudder}}}
  4. Who would you want with you when you died? I had a really serious medical test this week, seeking answers for something that's been bothering me for a while. The test itself was pretty rough. There were moments when I thought I wasn't going to be able to get through it. During those times, my mind kept going to the same thing--actually, to the same person. My breathing would deepen and my heart rate would slow, my eyes (which needed to stay closed) would stop flicking so much, and the urge to press the "get me the hell out of here" button calmed. That person, the one whose mere image got me through that test, is who I'd want with me if I knew I was dying.
  5. What would your last words be? I love you
  6. What is your favorite summer song? this summer, this has been my theme song--
  7. Has anyone ever broken a promise to you? uh, yeah. I'm an adult in civilization.
  8. Have you broken a promise to anyone else? ditto
  9. Do you eat red meat? mmm, red meat!
  10. Have you ever broken someone's heart? yes.
  11. What would you consider a blessed event? uh. What?! That's a sort of specific phrase, generally used to describe a specific circumstance.
  12. What would you consider a miracle? an unexpected event that has welcome and positive results
  13. What are the most cruel words someone could say to you? "I love you, but not enough..."
  14. Would you rather catch your parents in bed or have them catch you? Jesus. Just, no.
  15. If someone offered you $1,000 to cheat on your boy/girlfriend, would you do it? no
  16. Would you rather date someone 3 years younger than you, or 15 years older? feh. I'm fucking done.
  17. Would you rather like your guy/girl more than s/he likes you, or have him or her like you more? no. Anyway, it's a moving target. In a good relationship, it changes day to day and minute to minute.
  18. Which is better, the rush of kissing a new person for the first time, or the comfort of kissing the same person a hundred times? the rush that you get to kiss the same person, new, each time. That you've grown up enough to see short term and long term as the same goal.
  19. If you could read your boy/girlfriends mind, but only by letting him or her read yours, would you do it? yes
  20. Would you rather lose your bathing suit to a huge wave right in front of a cute lifeguard, or your whole family? no
  21. Is truth sometimes stranger than fiction? oh hell, yes. I think that's part of the beauty of blogging.
  22. Do you look back and laugh at things that hurt or were embarrassing at the time? it depends on the degree of hurt, I suppose? Some things aren't that bad, even as they seem at the time. Others become over time as they gain perspective.

    But every now and then there's a wound that just won't give up, no matter how much time has passed.
  23. Would you like to live in the Playboy Mansion? I'm really not concerned about ever needing to make that decision
  24. Have you ever looked in anyone's wallet that wasn't yours? just today. I did it only at the direction and with the full consent of its owner.
    I'm a big believer in privacy.
  25. What time and date is it? check the time stamp

[From the 5000-question meme; this is the second quarter of the sixteenth part. The title quotation is by William S Burroughs]

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