one must be fond of people and trust them if one is not to make a mess of life

  1. What song would you (or have you) sung karaoke?
    Some songs just ... work.
  2. Do you run through the sprinkler on a hot day? that sounds wonderful. Man.
  3. Could you survive without:
  4. Electricity? not. at. all.
  5. Heat? nope
  6. Air conditioning? nope
  7. TV? clearly
  8. Radio? I don't remember the last time I used a radio
  9. A car? strangely, yes. I drive a lot, but I can imagine a life where I didn't drive at all. It's not that bad a thought.
  10. Would you ever consider shaving your head? sure - it's only hair
  11. What is one thing that will happen to you less than 24 hours from now? I will drive to Artsyville and back for the second time in a week
  12. What age would you want to stay forever? uh, no thanks. That will happen eventually anyway. There's nothing good in poking fate.
  13. What is the softest part of your body? my soul
  14. What would make your day if it happened right now? a phone call
  15. What are you thinking about? now? A million-to-one-against phone call.
  16. Are you on:
  17. the road to nowhere? probably
  18. the crazy train? less than before
  19. Do you say everything to people's faces or do you talk behind their backs? I'm not a big talker. More of a listener, and observer.
  20. What is gone that will never come back? if there were some way to convey the depth of the sigh I just heaved....
  21. Love. Happiness. Vulnerability. Security. Trust. Hope. Joy.
  22. What's your biggest turn on? Trustworthiness
  23. Have you ever made love in an elevator? not literally
  24. Are you spiritually dead? probably not?
  25. What's your favorite care bear? that is a question that no adult should be able to answer
  26. Do you like the music of Warren Zevon? yes
  27. Have you ever wanted a picture painted onto your car? there's an emoji for the feeling that this question inspires, but I'm not going to post it
  28. How many private entries do you have? isn't that a rather personal question?
  29. Are you clumsy? less than some but far more than others
  30. As you get older will you let your looks go or have plastic surgery? definitely
  31. If you wear contacts or glasses would you ever consider laser eye surgery? if there are major improvements, I could consider it. At this point it's out of the question. My eye doctor won't have it done, and his eyesight is basically the same as mine. I trust his judgment more than the anecdotal "evidence" of anyone else.
  32. What is the most expensive thing you own? my brain
  33. What do you think of when you hear the word 'cell'? spreadsheets
  34. Have you ever had goat's milk? nope
  35. Do you care how Jennifer Anniston lives her life? only in a basic human sense, generically wishing her the best but not having a personal interest
  36. If there was a 'penny per page' internet tax would you pay it? meaning, if that were the only way to view it - by paying to play? Prehaps, but I'd certainly use it a whole lot less!
  37. Do you treat your pets like family members? when I had them, I treated them better than most people treat their family
  38. Have you ever eaten tofu? yep. No big fan.
  39. Do you believe that the 'war on drugs' is effective? in a sense
  40. What would you like to have 435 of (anything but money)? at least that many minutes of uninterrupted sleep each night would be lovely, thank you
  41. How many people know the password to your diary besides you? no one
  42. Do you like Calvin and Hobbes? love it!
  43. Have you ever thought of deleting your diary? yes, many times. During that long dry stretch earlier this summer I had my finger on the trigger a couple of times.
  44. Do 48 hours need 48 thrills? please tell me that's not a real thing
  45. Who do you know that acts phony? everyone
  46. Do you like American Pie? it has its moments
  47. What is the last law you broke? I'm pretty sure I drove a mph or two over the speed limit on the way home today
  48. Have you ever run away from home? only metaphorically
  49. Have you had a good feeling today? of course. Lots of good things happened today. It wasn't quite a "three good things" day, but it was right up there.
  50. What was it? well, I had a short, fast walk on my morning break. And I got to give a couple  of friends really positive news. And I heard from some people that I don't often hear from. I got a lot of work done (not that I really had a choice). My work outfit was cute. My walking buddy and her husband brought over my new/used treadmill and "real bike", which I bought from them. (I love that they're gaining some space and a little cash, and I'm gaining some motivation and exercise and saving a LOT of cash!) And I wrote in my journal for a couple of hours.
  51. Did your parents pretend there was a tooth fairy and slip money under your pillow? yes
  52. If yes, how much per tooth? $.25
  53. Is there a difference between art and crafts? Wow. If that's a legitimate question, I feel really sorry for you.
  54. Have you ever tried out for something? yes
  55. Did you make it? yes
  56. What's your favorite lullaby? forever ago, when I was selecting music for the library, I ordered a bunch of "heavy metal lullabies" CDs for the children's department audio collection. They were wildly popular. (I'm sure the kids didn't care about them at all, but the parents felt a lot better about them than they would have about "kid music.") Most of it was awful, but a few of them really weren't too bad. I refuse to provide links - but if you're looking for a baby shower gift that's a little different, I highly recommend them.

[From the 5000-question meme; this is the second half of the sixteenth part. The title quotation is by E.M. Forster]

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