'Twas Time

Thanks, Cat, for the reminder.

Recent Searches
  • "minnesotan dating etiquette"--Yup. Here it is, briefly: be good, and don't do anything I wouldn't do.
  • "j#n!c@ r0g#rs"--There are, prehaps, easier ways to find her, but I'll admit that this is one way.
  • the meaning of injested--no quotation marks, so "the" and "of" were likely ignored. That leaves "meaning" and "injested". HINT: you don't necessarily need to find the word MEANING in your results. Ergo: use a DICTIONARY (which will, at the same time, help you to correct your spelling).
  • analysis of "rain" by somerset maugham--If only one word is in quotation marks in an online search, then the quotation marks are pointless. Just a thought. And oh, by the way: there is no analysis of Maugham's Rain on my blog.
  • names of models appearing in victoria's secret catalog 2005--dunno. Do they have names? Does it matter? 'Cause if you're looking for them online, you don't have a chance in hell with them. I'm just sayin'.
  • fudge r#p!c#--It's RECIPE, fuckhead. C before I before P. R#p!c# is a name. Recipe is a set of instructions for constructing food.
  • Stockton déjà vu amy--eep, busted!
  • spelunker boots--er, I dunno. I don't like to go outside unless I have to. And I don't like to be underground. And I only own 3 pairs of boots, none of which would qualify as those designated for "spelunking."
  • hallmark paco Omaha--best card ever
  • gerb blog--that about sums it up, don't it?
  • Finally, I've developed a [rather frighteningly rabid, albeit silent--which contributes to the frightening nature of the rabidity?!] fan or number of fans of certain images. They are:

Tomorrow I shall write about two recent interesting experiences with females. I'm sure that some [ahem] readers will more more drawn to this topic than will others. ;)

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