Change of Plans

One thing, before I get started in earnest. This gives me the creeps, and I simply must share: this blog is the top hit for a Google image search under this phrase: "toe ring". Eeew.

OK. Whew. I feel somewhat cleansed, yet...still dirty. Yuck. Blegh. Eeew.

OK. Starting fresh.

It looks like the D*w*y D*cim*l B*ll is off of my agenda for June. It seems that the original intention--fund raiser for this establishment--has been perverted by the powers that be. So many people on the staff complained about their participation being "highly encouraged", yet being unable to afford the $50/ticket price, that the Committee caved. Each staff member now gets a free ticket. They only have to pay for their guest. However, since I was 51% likely to be accompanied by another staff member, I would not need to pay at all. A good thing, right? Yes: up to the point where he considers that other staff members are likely to be in attendance now. Whereupon, the likelihood of our attending this stupid, degrading, idiotic event drops considerably.

I've decided on an alternate plan. I've got the dress, right? And I have made appointments for a manicure, pedicure, and some sort of hair thing or other. (Photographs will undoubtedly be required to explain that!) I need to buy shoes, but that can be accomplished without much thought. So I'll get all dressed up, do the whole deal, whatever. And I'll buy the two tickets to this ungodly, horrific B*ll. And the person with whom I was to attend will also dress, in an appropriate manner. However, we will not go to the B*ll! We'll go someplace else, do something else, where we will be blessedly alone and unbothered by coworkers and others who will be at the stupid B*ll.

It's perfect! Now I'm really looking forward to June 18, whereas before I made this change of plans, I'd been oddly dreading it. My paying for the tickets will assuage my guilt for not going, and it'll certainly relieve me of any employment-related obligation to have been there. I can even stop by, if necessary, at some point in the evening. (That's a bit of a story in itself, but it's possible.) Pressure: gone. Unrealistic expectations: gone. Equilibrium: returned.

Happy, happy!

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