It's Been One of Those Days

Things that you might want to know about me, food-wise:
  • I like fresh spinach, but I do not like cooked spinach in any form.

  • I do not like feta cheese at all.

  • Ergo, I have never made a spinach & feta pizza. Sorry, Robert.

  • I have never tried a bacon and banana pizza. I would not be opposed, although I don't think I'd go to the trouble of building such a thing on my own. [Homemade crust is a lot of work!]

  • That reminds me: I will attempt a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache...and crumbled bacon. Sometime soon. Prehaps this weekend? I will reveal the results, definitely!

  • I have tried pineapple on a pizza or two--it's one of my brother's favorites, which is bizarre since he's sooooooo Minnesotan--but I'm not convinced.

  • Last night's dinner (woefully inadequate after the holy pizza from Monday night) was frozen waffles. Five Eggo Nutri-Grain® Low Fat Whole Wheat waffles, to be exact. With butter & maple syrup. Eaten while talking on my cell phone, long-distance. And through the first four, the person with whom I spoke claimed to be unaware that I had been eating. I think he might just be that kind to me.

  • Tonight's dinner (if I ever manage to leave work, which is looking unlikely since I'm wasting time blogging when I should be processing Barack Obama's book in preparation for his visit to my lib. this Saturday!!!) will be pizza. I shall not photograph the experience for y'all.

  • I need to go to the grocery store. I am entirely out of flour. How can this be? I have never, in my adult life, been completely out of flour!

  • I also need onions, milk, bread, egg noodles, and potatoes. Why am I buying everything from the 'pale aisle'? Nothing colorful in the entire list.

  • Lunch today: PB&J on country white, and the dessert of the gods: Circus Peanuts!!!

  • I don't need to bring anything for lunch tomorrow. We're having a 'thing' for the Sleekster. Celebrating the impact that he's had on the lives of the little people at this lib. Sigh.

And now, for the good stuff....

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