This could not be more wrong:

You Are an Irish Coffee

At your best, you are: wild, spontaneous, and outgoing

At your worst, you are: too extreme and reckless

You drink coffee when: you want to keep drinking booze

Your caffeine addiction level: low

1. "Wild, spontaneous, and outgoing"? Me?
2. Yeah, I'll buy the "too extreme" part, but not "reckless".
3. I don't drink either coffee or booze, so....
4. My addiction level is sky-high. I slept 'til nearly 10 this morning and finally had to get out of bed solely for the purpose of infusing myself with caffeine (in the form of tea so strong you can stand a fork in it). My head was screaming and pounding. All better now!

In a Past Life...

You Were: A Diseased Dancer.

Where You Lived: Ireland.

How You Died: In Childbirth.

I loved this! (But really I don't think that I dance so badly that anyone would call it "diseased".)

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