du jour (a movie review)

The Lover.

Based on
the novel of the same name by Marguerite Duras. I read the book during college. It was a bit much, a bit too...something, even for me, even then.

The movie, though: wow. Beautifully filmed, and wonderfully acted (particularly by
Tony Leung Ka Fai, who plays the bachelor). It's a gorgeous piece of art. Thought-provoking, lovely, erotic (that element is not to be missed--I saw the unrated version, which is unrated for a reason), and terribly, terribly sad. I watched it alone, sitting on the floor leaning against the front of the couch, as afternoon turned to evening. I wanted to cry, but, in the words of Kathy Acker, "there're tears only when there's hope."

I doubt that I will watch it again. Don't take that as an indication that it isn't very, very good: I loved it. Perhaps it's just too...reminiscent.

With apologies to The Cat, who, I think, never intended it to be taken this way.

We knew it all from a little thing
It was everything in our first minute
And it took us to another place
Yeah another place and we fell in it
How dare you not remember?
How dare you walk away?

We adored every little thing
Every little thing would leave us breathless
Every dawn spelled another day
And in another day we weren't so restless
How dare you not remember?
How dare you walk away?

And I wanted you so much
Just like I do right now
I wanted us to be the one the poets write their books about
I wanted it to last
I wanted to grow old
But life got in the way

We walked around in a heavy haze
We were stuck in days of so much warring
We got lost in a tricky maze
Yeah a tricky maze that was so scarring
How come you can't remember?
How dare you walk away?

Then you start to add the little things
Add the little things and trip the mighty
Now we got a little bitter thing
A little bitter thing that grew like ivy
And how dare you not remember?
How dare you walk away?


And apathy grows quietly where rapture used to fly
And promises and certainty have left love here to die
Won't you stay and don't let this one fall away?

...Yeah, well--life got in the way

Life got in the way by Sister Hazel, © 2001 Crooked Chimney Music, Inc. (BMI) and Chi-Boy Music (ASCAP)

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