where I've been (mentally)

1. Better Than Ezra is playing On the Waterfront in Rkfd, appearing with Lifehouse on Sunday, September 4. I was all set to buy tickets on Saturday morning until I realized that I literally don't have anyone that I could take with me. Feeling a bit pathetic and sorry for myself now.

2. Been listening to my new Semisonic mix (called "The Jake Mix" in honor of Jacob Slichter), so I have some of their lyrics fluttering through my brain. It only seems right to share:

Our brains have been impounded by our hearts
(Who's Stopping You?)

I can try to please you
Get down on my knees for you
Go outside and freeze for you
Cross the high seas for you
Whatever you need me to
I can climb the trees for you
Twist in the breeze for you

(I Wish)

circumstances choose for those who can't decide

you were bad, I'm
Still mad but I can't remember why

I believe you know me well
I react like you're ringing a bell
Are you sorry that you treat me unkind
Never you mind
(Never You Mind)

Well if you're right and we're nothing at all
Tell me why did I keep thinking 'bout you calling
If you're right and we're nothing at all?

3. Went to my ex-house on Saturday to divide up the shot glasses. Utterly depressing. Not as bad as it could've been, but definitely not a happy event.

For lunch, we had mozzarella cheese toast. I'd been talking about how I ate it twice last week, and after we'd been working for a few hours, we were both hungry...and couldn't think of anything else to eat. It was funny and touching.

4. Heard this earlier this morning. Always reminds me of Wolfgang, who just thought it was a nice "love song".

Someday she'll understand the meaning of it all
(Love Song for a Saviour)

5. I have taken lots of pictures lately that I'd like to post. I haven't gotten around to it. I'm in one of those valleys, I guess, where all I want to do is eat, sleep and read. Assuming that I work my way out of it, there will be a couple of photo posts coming soon.

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