1. Bacon really is an aphrodisiac. Who knew?

2. I am happier than I have ever been before. Some of my relationships are suffering for my inattention, and I've set to remedying that to the extent that I am able. For now, though, I am unapologetically thrilled to be living my life.

3. I fucked up my blog template. Check out the last post on this page. If it loads correctly, you won't be able to read the post because it's plunked on top of a photograph. Oops. For what it's worth, that's Latsch Beach in Winona.

4. "Perspective." Blissful, wonderful, necessary.

5. The Niteowl seems to be offline. Will he be back??? And if he is, will his audience still be there?

6. Blog party at Robert's!

7. 23 days 'til my birthday. Have you shopped yet?

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