free to be

It's a good day.

I'm eating a PB&J leftover from yesterday, but that's because D took me out for BLTs at Shawn's yesterday: a very good thing!

I'm alone in my office. Coworker T is leaving for a week's vacation (hurrah!) and The World's Most Annoying Tech Guy had an interview for a "real job" and had to leave early (hurrah! Good luck to him!).

My hair is flat, mostly because I took a long shower last night and didn't bother to do anything with it before it dried. He Who Must Not Be Named came over, and in the midst of our weird conversation told me both that my hair is "super soft" and that it smells really good. Mmmm. I floated off to bed shortly after he left, not taking the time to braid it or otherwise get it ready for today. But hey--it's hair, and it's soft, and it smells really good.

I had to get up an hour early this morning, but for a good reason: I'm feeding P & H while the ex is away visiting his girlfriend. It's a lot of driving back and forth, but sooo worth it. I love those guys. They were extra sweet this morning, and I really wanted to stay with them rather than coming to work.

I have boatloads of work to do this afternoon, but yesterday was devoted to only one task: cleaning off my desk. I succeeded! There is desk surface on both sides of me right now. I moved the barcode scanner to the left, making more room for the stacking bins to the right. I made binders for my grant applications, records, and reports. I pulled out my 2-headed dinosaur and returned him/it/them (?) to his/its/their place of glory beneath the barcode scanner. It's really quite stirring to see so much useful space after so many months of squalor.

Anyway, since the desk is all cleared off, I should have the space to get things done.

So, now, I'll go and do it.

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