before I dash to the dry-cleaner....

First, my Hurons were trounced today by Michigan, 55-0. Ouch.

Last, the Saturday 8, via Cat:

sat-8 :: i'm ready for my close-up....

after you write a best-selling novel about your life, you've just sold the movie rights! congratulations! you have complete control over casting, so tell us which celebrity (or well-known person) will play the following roles in your life's movie... and WHY you choose them to represent the characters in your life. remember, they don't have to be actors, just well-known.

1. you?
Drew Barrymore, 'cause lots of people say I look like her. Commence snickering.

2. your love interest?
The Rock. No, wait. Carlos Zambrano. No, Angus MacFadyen.
Man, this is hard! There aren't any really skinny white guys with tattoos who have the right attitude.
Ha! I've got it: Joseph Fiennes, roughly shaved and with an American accent. Tee hee!

3. your best friend(s)?
Stacy London plays [coworker] D--because D loves What Not to Wear, and she's half in love with Clinton Kelly, so it would be fun.
Rosario Dawson plays The Cat. Not 'cause she looks like her, exactly, but 'cause she kicks some ass, and she's cool.

4. your nemesis?
Queen Latifah, 'cause she'd be just disguised enough to render identification difficult.

5. your immediate family (including grandparents/in-laws)?
Dad = Alan Alda. Sooooooo easy. Dad is totally Alan Alda.
Mom = Mary Tyler Moore. Minnesotan, multi-faceted, emotional. Wonderful.
Brother = silent Bob, in more ways than one.
Sister = not appearing in this episode]
WTFE, why not...
f-i-l: Mark Grace, 'cause he's got to be a baseball player and his wife's half in love with Gracey
m-i-l: Bette Midler. OK, I know, it doesn't fit with the Gracey thing, but I admire Bette Midler more than almost anyone else in the world, and that's how I feel about Dean's mom, so, that's what I'm going with.
s-i-l: I don't know her well enough to say.

6. your boss/supervisor?
Fran Drescher/Joan Rivers/Sally Jessy Raphael/Tammy Faye, all rolled into one, on speed.

7. your mentor (or teacher)?
The guy who played [Maj.] Dr. Sidney Friedman on M*A*S*H, Allan Arbus.

8. neighbour(s)?
In my current situation, the identity of my neighbors is not so significant as is that of the guys who work below. They have been revealed photographically in other places which shall remain a mystery for the time being. Suffice it to say, they would not likely consent to appear on my show anyway.

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