mystery gift

Thanks, Cindy!

My neighbor, the Mexican-polka playing bitch, has outdone herself. She left something outside my door this evening while I was at the grocery store. I was gone for maybe 20 minutes, came back with 2 bags and a gallon of milk, and there was a box leaning against my door. We have a secure building, so I knew it had come from someone inside (or one of the 2 people to whom I've given a key, but had it been one of them, they'd have likely used their accompanying key to my apartment). When I set the groceries down to retrieve the box, I noticed the note taped to the box:

I think this is yours.
Got it last week.
Apt. []

(the [] indicating the apartment next to mine.) The address on the box is clearly marked with my apartment, but the post office must've delivered it to the wrong apartment, either in the (secure) mailbox or to her door. Judging by the postmark, it came last week Wednesday or Thursday. She left it for me tonight. And when she knew I was gone.

Coward bitch.

I really dislike that woman.

But I sure do like Cindy! Thank you for the great birthday gifts! You must think I'm such an ungrateful wench for not mentioning it before. As you now know, I had a good reason. Below are photographs of my new CD and necklace.

birthday necklace from Cindy

birthday CD from Cindy

[Cindy--you're going to laugh, I think, when you see what I'm sending for your birthday, a little late. Probably Saturday if I manage to get to the PO before they close.]

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