fried, with a side of mush

It's so totally Punkin Fest. I'm outta my mind with blinky-blinky lights, disgusting food, TRAFFIC like you would not believe (town of 12,000 transformed into megalopolis by a parade viewed by approximately 100,000 this afternoon), and hordes of screaming brats. And the big H[alloween] isn't 'til tomorrow! Yargh.

I celebrate with a meme. Via Cat. Surprise surprise.

I say ... and you think ... ?

Unbreakable:: heart
Have mercy:: lord (i.e. James Brown)
Do it better:: LaCrossers (t-shirt from college--Co-Ed Naked LaCrosse)
Settle scores:: JW
Comments:: Popeye (he of few words, but très fort...)
Craziest thing:: love
Apple:: jack
Halloween:: Hell (it's where I live)
Manageable:: migraines
Trick:: -ed out

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