my liege

Seven things I want to do before I die:
  1. Dip my toes in each ocean

  2. Make love in the moonlight with my heart's desire

  3. Drive a crazy-fast car, crazy-fast

  4. Own a dog

  5. Do, for a living, what I was meant to do

  6. Sail the Panama Canal

  7. Make friends with Johnnie
Seven things I can do:
  1. Bake and decorate a delicious, beautiful cake

  2. Give the kind of back-rub that makes a man purr

  3. Type, fast

  4. Spell, accurately

  5. Recall the lyrics to nearly every song I've ever heard

  6. Waste time with impunity

  7. Love my friends 'til they're stuffingless
Seven things I cannot do:
  1. Function left-handed

  2. Eat carrots without wincing

  3. Forget

  4. Make roast beef that's within a light-year of my mom's

  5. Resist a challenge, phrased in the right way

  6. Stop thinking like a lawyer

  7. Make friends with Johnnie without his help
Seven things I say a lot:
  1. Fuck

  2. 'Reasonable'

  3. Huh?

  4. No

  5. "Do it--the nose thing"

  6. Just one kiss

  7. G'night
Seven things I find attractive in the opposite sex:
  1. curiosity

  2. will

  3. humor

  4. faith

  5. bones

  6. nerves

  7. mouth
Seven celebrity crushes:
  1. E. Karros

  2. J. Depp

  3. K. Sutherland

  4. T. Keith

  5. J. M. Olazabal

  6. T. J. Parker

  7. The Rock
Seven Four people who have to do this next:
  1. Peter

  2. Trixie

  3. Cindy

  4. Alex Ludd--BWA ha ha ha ha

Cat--this was surprisingly difficult!

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