the world's worst company

That's me.

Sick day #2.

I'm sick, still, but not as sick as yesterday. That means that there's increased consciousness of things like, "I feel like walking death" and "I am the world's worst company" and "there's so much fluid in my ears that I wish I had 2 seashells so I could hold them up to my ears and maybe cancel out this roaring ocean in my head". The last bit gives me the giggles, which makes me cough, which makes tears stream oddly from only one eye, but not both, so I feel like some godforsaken gargoyle, which makes me sad, so I cry for real, which makes me choke....

Once I recover from that horror, I sit. Again. I try to read. Nope, no attention span. So I get up & move to another room, seeking something to do. Fold laundry desultorily for a few minutes until I'm too tired to stand. Sit. Get bored. Move to another room. Realize I'm hungry. Move to the kitchen. Look at the countertop--biscuits. Muffins. Bread. Cookie D'Ohs (yup, Simpsons cookies). Chunky chicken soup. Nope. Open the fridge. Orange juice. Milk. Coke. Nope. Realize I'm not that hungry. Move into the living room. Sit. Check my email. Desperate message from a work friend--"Please come back to work! I am TOTALLY bored without you here!" Sit back in chair, trying to imagine a world in which what I've been doing all day would be considered interesting. Fail miserably.

Ah, misery.

Maybe I'll take another bath.

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