...I split the end of my left pinkie in half with my boning knife. I really need to be more careful while cooking.

...I started reading The Brothers K, by David James Duncan, for the third time. Yes, I have four books checked out from the lib. Yes, there are easily a dozen other more important things I could have been doing. Yes, yes, yes. I love that book, and I'm eighty pages in after 90 minutes.

...my air conditioning ran almost constantly all evening due to the high humidity. It is difficult to believe that it is October in Illinois. Today is even more bizarre--80°F, feels like 84°F, partly cloudy, wind from the SW at 13 mph (gusting to 19 mph), humidity 73%. Sounds like August to me. It is even warmer at home today.

...was a very busy day at work. Today looks to be the same. With la minaccia gone for another week, we're all trying to get as much in the can as possible. She's generally a disruptive force, but it's likely to be more intense after this event.

...I ate nothing about which my doctor could complain. It would be nice if, in 6 months when it is next checked, my cholesterol level has decreased to the level of a non-cardiac patient.

[Robert--thinking of you.]

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