• If hypnosis really worked, wouldn't greedy hypnotists use it to their advantage, and take over the world?

  • Why do carrots taste so damned bad?

  • I've been working on my budget. I could tell you what I spent at Victoria's Secret during the 5-month period from March to July, but if you know me personally you'd find me and fucking shoot me, and if you don't, you'd be torn between awe and horror.

  • Some days I do my hair in a sort of dual French braid dealie, and it turns out all sleek and sophisticated and really cool-looking. Some days I look like a third grader who's been sliding around on her noodle all the way to school, cock-eyed and loopy and fuzzy before I even drag my sorry self to work. Guess which kind of day today was?

  • Yesterday I wore my orange Eddie Bauer dotted swiss blouse [Goddamn it, I always spell that "blause" the first time] with a khaki skirt. Today I wore my white Eddie Bauer dotted swiss bl [fuckfuckfuck] blouse with an orange camisole and khaki shorts. Why? So I wouldn't have any weirdo laundry that wouldn't fit into a load that's ready to go tonight.

  • I don't recommend dry shaving. You probably wouldn't do it anyway, but, I'm just saying.

  • Time to change the polish on my toes. OPI's "Dominant Jeans" (a medium blue, almost too bright for this time of year--it looks kind of trashy with my weirdo pale feet) is losing out to OPI's "Heart Throb" (a nice, generic, pale pink. Which I initially typed "oink". Which, incidentally, goes nicely with my weirdo pale feet.)

  • So hungry. Want to eat meat. No meat to eat. So sad.

  • I grew up thinking that every "normal adult" wears a watch. Is that true?

  • Sunday afternoon plans: going to Dracula. I'm very much looking forward to it, as I vaguely know one of the cast members. Earlier in the season I saw the excellent Noises Off, from which I took this quote:

    Doors and sardines.
    That's what it's all about.
    Doors and sardines.
    That's farce.
    That's theatre.
    That's life.

    [Cat--I took that, just now, from my trusty notebook, in which I also have this quote: "You're not obviously stinky."]

  • Tonight's entertainment, besides the aforementioned toenail polishing, shall be a battle of wills between Be Cool and The Brothers K. Or perhaps more accurately, a battle within me, over which I desire more strongly.

  • This is funny, but I suppose you've really got to know the guy. You probably know somebody like him, though. I remember Marc Schreiner as a dork. I'm glad he's doing well, though--he sounds happy, and that's all that really matters for any of us, right?

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