my t-day so far


Chocolate chip shortbread cookies (an old standby, super easy and fantastic) and a specific request, Pumpkin bars. They're more of a cake deal than like pie, with a cream cheese frosting that, typical for me, turned out with lumps of powdered sugar. It is the bane of my baking existence.

I've also washed all the associated dishes and cleaned the kitchen completely. Gone to check on the kitties (their regular guy is in D-- for the holiday). Talked to D., who's on her way north for the Dysfunctional Family Gathering. (The family is dysfunctional, not the gathering, although I suppose that remains in question.) Talked to Dean, who'd just woken at 11:50 or so. Now I need to change my clothes, do my hair (argh), organize the desserts into some sort of easily-transportable formats, trundle back over to feed the kitties again, and then head to the T-Day site prior to meal time, which is set for '3:30ish.'

No sweat.

Hope y'all are having a happy T-Day, or in the alternative, a safe and wonderful Thursday.


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