and she's off...

I'm just finishing up packing and getting ready to leave for Minnesota. I'll be there until the 27th. It's my longest vacation in a couple of years, and a sort of test to see how (or perhaps if) things are really as settled as they appear to be.

Vague enough? Well, be assured that I'll still be posting from there, so if anything there will be more to read (and longer posts) over the next 11 days. For now, I'll share a few pictures of the odd decorating scheme that I've created for the apartment.

reindeer etc.(candles against reindeer)

top 'o the fridge(Mr. Grinch and the rest of the fridge situation)

Coke bear(decorative and functional!)

four-footer(the "big" tree)

three-footer(the little tree)

derivative but cool-looking(vase full of ornaments)

wildlife Christmas fun(Have a shark-tacular holiday!)

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