ten things that make me happy

List ten things that make you happy (in no particular order), and then tag five people to do the same.

[from Cat, who got it from Shelly]

1. Making top-10 lists. (Seriously, I do this all the time.)
2. Hot tea (though not too hot--even my taste-buds are Minnesotan).
3. A good joke (or even a well-told bad joke).
4. The Turkey Song, sung by the only one who knows.
5. Writing poetry, writing in my journal, writing letters, writing grocery lists on half-used envelopes....
6. Steak from Sorrento's
7. Dean
8. That tangible rush of pleasure that I feel when driving home (to MN), when I crest that one hill just past the Wisconsin River, where it starts to "look like home." Even in the dark, I feel it.
9. Pecans (I've developed a new, er, appreciation)
10. Giving a good back-rub (and hearing the sounds that it brings)

And so I tag the prehaps not-so-obvious, in alpha order:
* Dean
* Heidi
* Peter
* Popeye, and
* r

One will definitely not answer herein. The others may, if they choose, answer in Comments. If not, consider it a sort of 'blessing', that I wish you happy, and feel no pressure to act in any way.

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