time to suck it up

The heart once broken is a heart no more,
And is absolved from all a heart must be;
All that it signed or chartered heretofore
Is canceled now, the bankrupt heart is free;
So much of duty as you may require
Of shards and dust,
this and no more of pain,
This and no more of hope, remorse, desire,

The heart once broken needs support again.
How simple 'tis, and what little sound
It makes breaking, let the world attest:
It struggles, and it fails; the world goes round,
And the moon follows it. Heart in my breast,
'Tis half a year now since you broke it in two;
The world's forgotten well, if the world knew.

[Edna St. Vincent Millay]

There are a few of us, and I'm not naming names but I think you know who you are, who are in the depths today. Not for any good reason, at least on my part. Or prehaps for a reason that I should not even allow, were I stronger.

Some days I'm not that strong. Some days "even emptiness has its own weight." [Maribeth Fischer, in The Language of Good-bye]


Every now and then, the gift I didn't know I needed comes in a very unexpected form. Therefore, 'just when I needed it most' shout-outs go to Heidi (make your presence known, lady!) and my New Official Friend. I don't necessarily understand it--and I know that someone sinful would not approve--but I like it nonetheless.


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