like a needle, in more ways than one

A while ago, I posted a list of 26 "methods of growing old gracefully," which not so coincidentally happened to conform to an A-Z list. This afternoon, I came upon another such list. I like this one much better. What do you think?

  • Accept differences
  • Be kind
  • Count your blessings
  • Dream
  • Express thanks
  • Forgive
  • Give freely
  • Harm no one
  • Imagine more
  • Jettison anger
  • Keep confidences
  • Love truly
  • Master something
  • Nurture hope
  • Open your mind
  • Pack lightly
  • Quell rumors
  • Reciprocate
  • Seek wisdom
  • Touch hearts
  • Understand
  • Value truth
  • Win graciously
  • Xeriscape (since I'd never heard this word, I looked it up. It's no wonder I hadn't heard it. Lame.)
  • Yearn for peace
  • Zealously support a worthy cause

(For the curious-yet-lazy, here's the original list:

Avoid collagen
Bloom late
Dance at weddings
Eat more chocolate
Fall in love again
Go grey
Hold hands
Jettison grudges
Kiss like you mean it
Mend fences
Nurture friendships
Open doors
Perspire with aplomb
Quit whining
Rekindle romance
Spoil babies
Teach someone to read
Upset convention
Wear red
Expect joy
Yield gracefully

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