feelings are everywhere -- be gentle

87° and I've got the sniffles. WTF?!

Hair appointment in an hour or so. What shall we do today? I'm thinking of cutting it all off. Maybe I'll dye my scalp blue. (Or, yeah, maybe just a quarter inch off the ends and a few chunky highlights.)

I'm also half-asleep, which should make the process even more interesting. Really got to stop staying up half the night having fun. That sounds way more exciting than the reality...which was pretty good, I must admit.

I also get the rare treat of picking up both a prescription (nothing out of the ordinary) and a case of alcohol (half is for me, half for a gift) on the way home after the appointment. Nothing like having a check register that makes me look like a degenerate chemical dependent.

My thoughts are with friends traveling this weekend. I'll be waiting to find out that you've made it home safely.

[title quote by J. Masai]

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