last weekish

Among other things, I shopped for root beer with Farmer E. We each spent about $75, and I got these adorable sake cups and chopstick rests shaped like beans. (For what it's worth, I also bought chopsticks. Not pictured.)
Later in the week, had another in a series of drinking-, talking- & sometimes food-nights with Mumbler. We ordered pizza. (No, Chuck did not deliver. That would have caused a rift in the space-time continuum!)
We also pulled out the Magic 8-Ball, which seems to be of supreme importance after we've had our 4th or so (well, my 4th, his probably 6th or so) drink. Neither of us can make a decision worth a damn, so it may be best to leave it up to "fate."
The Ball That Knows All
The next day (oh, who am I kidding? two or three days later) when all the bottles were rounded up and ready for recycling, they sort of filled the dish drainer and the side of the sink in front of the microwave. Must've been some extremely salty calzones, hm?
forest of beers + vitaminwater

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