O bed! O bed! delicious bed!

  1. are you comfortable sleeping on couches? yup!--I do it as much as possible when I'm visiting my parents
  2. are you a light sleeper? depends. If I'm sleeping on my parents' couch, hell yeah. If I'm tucked into my own comfy bed, I'm like the dead.
  3. is your bed comfortable? very much so
  4. what makes a bed comfortable to you? clean sheets, lots of the right kinds of [cool] pillows, perfectly parallel with the floor.... I could go on.
  5. do you like to sleep? is that not obvious? I'm a great sleeper. Always have been.
  6. how many hours a day have you been sleeping lately? at home: between 6 and 8 hrs. Here: 10.
  7. do you often fall asleep to music? never
  8. or with the TV? never
  9. can you sleep on airplanes? that may be my best hidden talent. As soon as I'm settled in my seat & buckled in, I jab in my earplugs and fall asleep. It's the most awesome hex in the world.
  10. do you usually nap on long car rides? no, since I drive!
  11. do you have to sleep with a pillow? yes. Always.
  12. or a blanket? though I greatly prefer to be covered somehow (i.e. when I nap), I can sleep without a blanket in a pinch--for instance, on a plane
  13. do you always change into pajamas? no
  14. have you ever fell asleep and woke up someplace completely different? well, there was that return flight when I distinctly remember falling asleep with my head against the window, but woke up curled around the [unknown to me] guy next to me, my head against his wool-sweatered chest and the rest of my body curled around him like a lover. *mortifying*
  15. passed out and done the same? nope, I think I've always woken where I dropped
  16. what's the longest you've ever been passed out? like, drunk? I've never literally passed out, but, last year on my birthday was memorable. Ignominious, even.
  17. ever pulled an all-nighter? of course
  18. are you going to sleep after this survey? within an hour or two
  19. do you often sleep out? never. I live in an apartment in a "city."
  20. do you usually get the short couch? this makes me laugh--there was this guy...one night in college, I crashed at a party with the guy I liked. The only available flat space was a love-seat. I got the crease. We kissed a little, but through that interlude it became sadly apparent that our feelings about each other were not the same. In an effort to remain friends (which we were. Very good friends, even.) we stopped the kissing nonsense and settled into an extended sort of hug...whereupon we both fell asleep. With all of our clothes on, and our shoes. And several others sleeping/passed out in the same room. And some idiot's slightly scratched Janis Joplin's Greatest Hits CD on repeat elsewhere in the apartment. A few hours later, we woke up and he drove me home (probably still drunk, but less so). We were both in great pain from the contorted position we'd been in for so long, and sheepish about what we'd done. We resolved it, though, and maintained our friendship. And about 3 years later, he stood up in my wedding.
  21. do you drool when you sleep? not so's you'd notice
  22. talk in your sleep? I don't think so?
  23. have you ever sleepwalked? the only time I know about is a few weeks ago when I ran (literally) into my bedroom door at top speed
  24. do you dream when you sleep? yep, and the dreams are fantastic (in the original sense of the word)
  25. what was your worst nightmare? lots to choose from. I've had a few lately that would rival the scariest movies.
  26. what was your best recent dream? quite sure I'd have to add the Adult Content rating to the blog if I described it in detail. I do love my imagination....
  27. have you ever woke up in a sweat? see above!
  28. woke up in the middle of an amazing dream? um, yeah. I think I've mentioned it a time or two, even.
  29. have you ever fallen out of bed? no, but I knew a guy in college who shoved his girlfriend out of bed (by accident, during a dream) and when she fell, she broke both wrists trying to catch herself. That would suck, eh?
  30. how many pillows are on your bed? four
  31. stuffed animals? there is one in the room, but not on the bed. And a stuffed state of Oklahoma.
  32. can you sleep comfortably in your clothes? depends on the clothes. I'm really not a fan.
  33. do you shower before bed? yup, more often than not. I really, really hate to wake up too fast, and I find water to be very jarring.
  34. on school nights, when do you go to bed? somewhere between 10 and 2:30
  35. did you have sleepovers on school nights? a few times, usually when there was something extracurricular going on (e.g. sports or band)
  36. what are your current bedsheets? Army green Modal (bamboo)
  37. is there anything on the ceiling above your bed? just the light fixture
  38. do you have a headboard? nope
  39. a nightstand? there are two
  40. if so, what's on it? lamp, lemon hand lotion, usually a glass of water. The one on the far side of the bed (yeah, I have a "side") has an alarm clock, a weird little shrine (don't ask) and a box of Puffs. And usually my accumulated change.
  41. do you always take off your makeup before bed? in a manner of speaking
  42. brush your teeth before bed? definitely
  43. are you in your bed right now? no, I am in the Ikea chair in my parents' living room
  44. what channel do you usually fall asleep to? silence, please (in all seriousness, music is OK if it's not too loud. TV is annoying because it's hard to block out the light flickers.)
  45. is there a window above your bed? not at the moment. I'm very fond of rearranging my bedroom furniture, though, so this might change.
  46. what usually wakes you up in the morning? one of two alarms or MFing reversing pallet-lifters
  47. have you ever actually awoken to frying bacon? yes
  48. what time did you wake up this morning? 8:something. It was pretty early for the first day of a vacation.
  49. do you kick people in your sleep? that would require sleeping with people, wouldn't it? And I wouldn't do that, would I??
  50. has anyone ever frozen your bra? not and lived to tell about it
  51. dipped your finger in water? yes
  52. pulled another prank on you? not that I remember
  53. do you sleep with your hair up? sometimes. I've been known to sleep in my hat.
  54. crashed outside? once or twice
  55. or at a party? memorably. There may still be photographic evidence, but I don't think he'd show it, 'cause then I'd show what I did to his eyebrows
  56. or at the beach? no opportunity, but if I could have, I would have
  57. thrown up in your sleep? eeew, no
  58. what size bed do you have? Queen
  59. do you set your alarm clock whenever you're home? definitely, or I wouldn't be employed
  60. if so, what time's it usually set for? 7:23 and 7:27
  61. do you use an alarm clock on your cell phone? yes, often
  62. are you an early bird? not by the furthest stretch of the imagination!
  63. are you tired at all right now? only when contemplating breakfast at 8:AM tomorrow. I'll need a vacation when this vacation is done...
[from The Cat, who got it here]

(remainder of quotation:
"That heaven upon earth to the weary head."
Thomas Hood, Miss Kilmansegg--Her Dream)

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