o, that I were a glove upon that hand

The weather tonight is perfect. Cool, clear, a strong breeze - it's probably dropped the temperature in my apartment by at least 15° since I opened the windows 2 hours ago. I wish I could leave the windows open all night, but this town wakes a little too early for me.

Today was a pretty quiet day. I read, napped, made a necklace for a friend's birthday, and did an absolute avalanche of laundry. It's even almost all folded.

As I type, there's a kid (16, maybe 18 years old) pacing in the gas station parking lot at the end of the block, yammering on his phone at top volume. Can't tell what language it's in except to say that it's not any of the probably ten that I can readily identify. That's another reason to close up before I go to bed.

The guys across the hall were, I thought, moving out today. They were up and down the back staircase a few million times, and both their SUVs were filled with stuff when I glanced out to find the source of the noise. Seems odd that the SUVs are back here now, though. Maybe one helped the other move? Or they moved the little stuff but are still staying here? Or they've done the moving but haven't finished the cleaning? In any case, I'm both glad and sorry. Glad because they're relatively loud and can't seem to stay in one place for long, so their door and the door to the back stairs open and close 200x/night when they're around - and never quietly. But they do, eventually, settle down, and apart from the door noise (and two isolated fights) they've been pretty easy to live with. That's why I'm sorry; God knows what I'll get next. It's another episode of apartment neighbor roulette.

There's something interesting (in a bad way) brewing at the place of employment: a movement afoot to discourage the drones from taking full advantage of benefits. It's all very subtle and delicately-phrased, nothing that would rise to the level of action or even report, but it is still disturbing and, in this time of financial and occupational uncertainty, even more profoundly disappointing. The least they can do....

The sinus infection - which I'd believed to be completely over - is morphing into a sort of cold, I think. Whatever it is, I've been sneezing like mad for the past day and a half. I'm not generally a real big sneezer, so it's kind of strange to do it 2 or 3 times at once, maybe 5 times every hour. I even woke myself up sneezing a couple of times last night. The worst of it is when I'm in the shower. That's very disorienting. I should probably stay home for the next few days, maybe a week, to be sure I'm fully recovered.
Yeah, right.

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