ain’t ever been a good idea to reach out and touch someone...

Back from up north. It was hot up there, and it's cooler and rainy down here. Makes sense to me.

This birthday was, in all, abnormal. I had some very good times (pictures to come) but the day itself was a combination pain in the ass/disappointment/wrenching nightmare that I'm very glad to be through. Sometimes it's just not worth gnawing through the leather straps, as Emo Philips said.

This video from NFL.com made me think twice about wearing nice jewelry to work, though my job doesn't make it this ridiculous: "This is why we don't wear huge diamond earrings to practice."

I had my car fixed while I was away. Guess what? There's something new going wrong. Mumbler blew his lunch hour today driving it so we could put our heads together on possible diagnoses. Besides saying it was really fun to drive and that he misses driving a stick, his conclusion was that it's a wheel bearing (there was some complicated mumbled blah blah attached to that) or something CV something axle. He's expecting it to show up in the $100-$200 range for parts and a couple of hours' labor. I'm ready to shove the thing off a cliff. Hey, lucky for me, there are no cliffs in this stupid state. Maybe I'll get my money out of it after all.

I should be in bed. The infant coworkers are taking me out tomorrow for a late birthday crawl. Last year when we did this, it took about a week for me to recover. This year, no tequila shots! I'll need to be productive during the day, sorting out possible sleeping arrangements for at least one more person and possibly three.

Also: if anyone knows where I can find that Breathalyzer unit to attach to my phone, now would be the time to cough it up.

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