a birthday, and the long weekend days 1 & 2

Although I'd put out a strongly-worded prohibition against any acknowledgement of my birthday at the place of employment, a friend brought flowers. Hard to resist since they were wild and lovely.

L flowers 1
L flowers 2

It takes a lot to shake me, but this gift did it:
emerald earrings.

earrings, in

I visited my parents for a long weekend. While there, I saw "their kitties"--the grandcat (black and white) was around for a day, his son Big Orange stopped by a couple of times, and these two (Gray and Lil Orange, who is fourth generation) were there every day.

gray & lil orange
lil orange

The house is on a hillside. Now and then, a flower sprouts up among the weeds--another triumph of faith over experience.

flower in the back forty

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