the long weekend, day 3

I snuck out to spend the day with D, R & H. They took me along to see baby kitties. There are definitely far too few baby kitties in my life these days. R's cousin G owns them. I grew up filled with misconceptions about him, thanks to my space-ghost cousin J. I am always surprised and gratified to see that he is a lot more like R--who I absolutely adore--than I ever gave him credit for before. And these kittens are so cute!

K1 is a Maine Coon.
K2 is a Calico.
K3 is a Maine Coon with a white bib and feet.
K1 and K3
K1 & K3
K1 & K3 are fighters. They both seem like spunky little dudes.
K1 & K3

The kid had a good time on the trampoline. I think she could have a good time anywhere; she's a marvel to me, very much a combination of her parents but also her own individual personality.
it's a bird!

After fuzzy fun kitten time, we drove up to Roch and went to Hu Hot! I'm not the queen of spicy food, but this place was freakin' fantastic, and I absolutely loved it. I would go back in a heartbeat, and in fact am trying to organize a roadtrip with the kids from work.
Hu Hot
[Does this mean they want you to have allergies?]

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