what's missing

Gravity is screwed
up--nothing stays
when put down
like the class
outcast, or else

seems so heavy
it won't budge. Sit
in your room, not sent,
& wait for weightlessness

to overtake you.
Patience is almost
impossible. You've lost
something, something
dear, but won't look

for fear you'll find
what's missing. Wait
& like a nose it might
turn up. You hate

how your hands become
thumbs, your voice barking,
then breaking
a window. Wait.

[Kevin Young, 'Adolescence', in Dear Darkness]


  1. Mind if I share this with some folk I know who are there?

  2. Not sure they'll get as much out of it as we who've survived, but, oh yeah. Share away. :)

  3. Some of them will get at least the scent of it if nothing else.