not what you might think

My face hurts. I think it's a combination of the migraine that's been brewing for the past couple of days, straying into my neck, shoulders and back, and also a fun new habit I've picked up: clenching my jaw. Since I always notice it when something else is going wrong, my theory is that it's entirely stress-based. I'm literally tensing for confrontation, of whatever sort. Once this weekend is in the past, there's a better chance that I'll have worked my way past it. Until then, it looks like Terminator jaw for me.


  1. I find sticking out your tongue alleviates this problem, while still sending a strong statement for confrontation. Placing the inex fingers inside the corners of the month and pulling outward at the same time is also therapuetic. Try it.

  2. I've got nothing practical for this since I do the same thing. I've been prescribed a mouthguard to alleviate the pain and damage to my teeth.

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    pretty close to twertles