television! Teacher, mother, secret lover.

The phase of Not Having a TV has been fascinating so far.
Yesterday was chock full of sleep--a super-long nap during the day and an extra-restful night.

Today was a reading day. Once home, I had a book in my lap and didn't move until I'd finished it. I'm really glad, too, because it turned out to be an absolutely amazing book: The Girl She Used to Be, by David Cristofano. I'd bought it during a trip to Minnesota last year sometime, but never got around to reading it. Finally picked it up today, and plowed through it. I laughed so hard that I got the hiccups at one point (but also roared through lots of the rest of it), and had to set it aside so I could all-out sob, too. I loved the characters, felt like I knew them, and now that the book is over, I miss them already.

After all that, what will day 3 of no television bring?

[title quotation by Homer Simpson]

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