I hate the day, because it lendeth light, to see all things, but not my love to see

  • The last two mix CDs that I made are among my finest ever. It's disappointing that there wasn't much critical reaction to the first, and the second won't get much airplay (because it's meant for a small audience), but I'm still pleased with them.
  • I found out earlier this week that several posts, along with the sidebar and footer, of this blog were reposted on an Adult Blogger Site a few years ago, and remain there. I have begun the process of reporting the problem, in hopes that those posts, and potentially the entire infringing blog, will be eliminated. Thanks to Sitemeter for drawing my attention to the situation in the first place.
  • Started working on the root (or at least one of the branches) of the headache tonight--the giant lump of stress in my right shoulder. That's where I 'carry' stress, generally, and it's been out of hand for the last week or so. I had a massage tonight that was intended to be just for relaxation but ended up being neck/shoulders/back only, and I would be surprised if there are not bruises all along the top of my back. I feel a lot better than I did, but I still feel really bad. I have another massage set for next week. Maybe by then I will have had a couple of good nights' sleep.
  • I used to think that the hardest thing was loving someone who didn't, or couldn't, love you back. Now I think that maybe it's loving someone who does love you, just not quite enough or in the right way.
  • Last night I started reading The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami. It was recommended to me several years ago by a highly respected English prof. So far, so good--but it'll be a while before I'm ready to review this one. It's nice, slow writing.
  • On that note: April is National Poetry Month. Enjoy, y'all.

[title quotation by Edmund Spenser]

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