if God dropped acid, would he see people?

Headache. *owww* I've been grinding my teeth (and trying very hard to remember not to grind my teeth, which accounts for half the stress) since Friday night.

Rough week so far, which I've said every day so far as I've been leaving work...every day of the two that have gone by. I'm in the odd and unenviable position of being "wooed" by a couple of prospective landlords (and, even more strange, by my own) to get/keep me. Who knew I was such a hot commodity? Or, in this case, a financially stable, fairly neat, quiet commodity?

Yeah, right. Two out of three ain't bad.

I'm tired, but I've been having trouble sleeping. Crazy dreams - opium dreams, but for the lack of opium - followed by half-dead mornings of "huh?" I don't know if I've recovered from Saturday's hangover yet. When I woke on Saturday I felt like I'd been kicked in the skull by a hundred rabbits. Very rattled, shaken up, bounced and bruised. And that was before I remembered that there had been rubber ducks floating in the salsa.

I finally planted my pineapple, after much anticipation and laziness. I may have waited too long, but I'm hoping for the best. We're supposed to get some solid sunshine...eventually...which would be good, to help it take root. If you're the praying kind, and are not offended by such things, please say a word for Patty Ann. (I thought that naming it would boost its/her spirits.)

Last week I signed up for a retirement account. It's my industry's version of a 401(k), pre-tax deducted. As with all major financial planning, I did a little (i.e. tiny) bit of research, asked no one for advice, and made all specific decisions spur of the moment. Overall, it's an excellent idea that might end up saving my financial ass somewhere down the road. Short-term, I may have just politely requested that I get screwed, starting with my next pay period. Time will tell.

I need a nap.

[title quotation by Steven Wright]


  1. It's gotta be the time change; everyone I talk to is having a rough week.

    Patty Ann=nice. Have you ever known a Patty Ann? I suspect I have. There were dozens of Pattys in my high school class. I never queried their middle names.

  2. all my best to your pineapple, which is pretty much of a prayer.
    I hope you find the NICEST and quietest apartment ever, and enjoy it very much. I'm sorry about the moving, which is always a bitch.
    I hope you feel better soon. I agree with the Cat that this is a rough week, and we ain't even hit the time change yet. I think it's the season change. We all want the longer days, but we always end up getting confused by them. I think I am in favor of getting rid of Daylight Savings Time. I do not understand what it has ever saved me.

  3. Patty Ann is a reference to a very large piece of paper left in a very small book at work, once upon a time, that read, "Happy Birthday Patty Ann". I wanted something with a PA, so this fit perfectly.

    The time change is definitely strange. I can't quite figure out where I'm supposed to be, when. Maybe if we were a more flexible society, with less rigid routines, the transition wouldn't seem so abrupt.

    I found an ad for a good apt last night, and will be calling about it later today. Cross your fingers!