when you look for happiness in mere objects, they are never enough. Look around. Look within

  1. What percentage of the total number of towels, washcloths and linens that you own are actually clean, folded and on the shelves of your linen closet?
  2. How many washcloths do you have in there right now?
    (Taking some pity on the poor, limit-scope quiz-maker...)

    I have about 6 'bath' washcloths, a dozen 'face' cloths, and probably at least that many kitchen washcloths. Heaven only knows where they actually are, though, right now.
  3. How many different color washcloths do you have?
    my bath cloths are either blue or medium tan. The face cloths are lighter tan. The kitchen cloths are...blue? White? I don't know. Not important, I guess.
  4. Which have a greater variety of color: your towels or your washcloths?
    the towels match the washcloths, in each case. Meaning, the bath towels match the bath cloths, and the kitchen towels match the kitchen cloths.
  5. Which single color is most of what's in your linen closet?
    blue, maybe? If we're also counting sheets.
  6. Is this a color that most closely matches your bathroom or bedroom, or is it a more neutral color in your home?
    since I rent, when I live alone, my living space is generally very neutrally painted. My personal style is also pretty utilitarian, though, and tends toward the blue/tan realm. There are places where this is totally untrue--the red rugs in the bathroom (which I know drive people bananas, just the fact that there are rugs in the bathroom, much less so many and the fact that they are red) for instance, and the particular art to which I am drawn--but holds up more often than not.

[from The Cat, who got it here; the title quotation is by Nick Vujicic]


  1. People from cold-in-the-winter places understand the idea of rugs in the bathroom, I think.

    We had orange shag carpeting in my bathroom when I was a kid. So, yeah, red bath rugs aren't so bad. :)

  2. It probably wouldn't have been so bad if my living situation were anywhere near normal. Which isn't to say that it's "abnormal," just "not the sort with a linen closet."

    I can't erase the mental image of my red rugs floating on orange shag carpeting. So terrifically groovy!

    1. I just got queasy. We had orange indoor-outdoor carpet in the kitchen. Basically....my dad didn't want to tear up the linoleum when it started to go, so he bought time with leftover 70s carpeting. Aaagh.

      Don't you call dishwashing clothes dishclothes? I kinda wibbled when you said you had some for the kitchen.

    2. Well, actually, it's more complicated than that, even. I have two sets of washcloths in the kitchen. There are plain white ones, which are used for cleaning-up sorts of tasks: wiping down the sink after I've peeled potatoes, for instance, or washing things that I don't eat from (vases, maybe). These are, necessarily, washed (in the laundry) more often than their dish counterpart, which I would call "dishcloths". These are used, as the name implies, to wash dishes. I have fewer of those--which are, I think, blue--because I had a dishwasher for the past couple of years.

      This could be another part of the vernacular that put you in Texas or wherever, and me in North Carolina. Implausible as that may be.

    3. Meanwhile, I'm amazed I haven't food-poisoned anyone in my kitchen with my one-dishcloth-fits-all method.

      North Carolina is, at least, warmer than here. Slightly. And I have a good friend from college there. And they have big water....'course, it's salty....