he wasted his wishes on wishing

My name is: well known to nearly anyone that I know might be reading this

I am: waiting for some correspondence that is both overdue and highly anticipated

Right now, I feel: sleepy and sore

The sounds I hear are: a running refrigerator and gentle snores

Around me, I see: a whole lot of books, some comfy furniture, and family photos

I feel most connected to this person--she knows who she is

I think it's weird that: there have been no comments on the blog in so long. I know y'all are reading, but I swear you just don't care anymore.

It bothers me when: I realize that I have been distracted enough to neglect basic courtesies

The best thing about my personality is: probably unknown to me. What I think is best may just be so-so, and what's particularly awesome may be something I will never truly recognize.

My worst quality is: likely the same sort of thing, thank goodness

My favorite part about life is: connecting. Sounds weird, doesn't it, from a cave-dwelling grump?

This is attractive in the opposite sex--honesty

Sometimes, I wonder about: my ability to attract the honest

I usually get bored while: in meetings, and end up saying something aloud that's best left unsaid

I'm afraid: that I will never get out of the bad situation I'm in, that I will be miserable there until it's too late to change.

If someone hates me, I: would imagine I'm at work

I admire: my high school prom date that didn't happen

I wish: "I wish I could do anything but the things I always do
No matter how I try to sing along
Something is always wrong
What? I wish I knew"

I feel exhilarated when: I talk with a good friend I've known since high school. He has no idea how much and how well his continued presence shapes my life.

I appreciate: gradually, like wine and real estate

I'll never get over: Las Vegas

The best thing to happen this week was: this afternoon's haircut and color, followed by playing doting friend and adviser to a good friend's big-change haircut, followed by an incredibly delicious dinner (during which we both madly over-ate), followed by a walk in the sunny evening, a visit with a friend, a lot of talk, and a fond hug.

I feel good when: one of my friends tells me about his job search worries and hopes, and confides his feelings about dating and the unsuitable women he's met lately. We come from very different worlds (in a lot of ways) but he's like a brother to me and I love that he trusts me with things that are so important to him.

If I could tell the world just one thing, it would be: that over-educated does not equal unsuitable for employment

Some people are just so: narrow-minded

I'm optimistic about: my possibilities, all evidence to the contrary

An event like this would enchant me: a fancy-dress party where I knew almost no one, where I could dress up and enjoy the whole thing but not feel like I was at all the center of attention. I enjoy all the glamour, but not the fuss.

I yearn for: real hugs

I'm jealous of: my ex-boyfriend's girlfriend (or something like that)

I trust: rarely, and only with proof

My intuition is usually: pessimistic, and true (romantic attachments being the obvious exception to any rule)

One time, I spontaneously: did something that can't ever be admitted on the Internet

I haven't had this feeling in a long time: reciprocation

I am proud of: my friend who made a big change today

I would never be seen wearing: those weird furry boots that look like animal hooves with rubber soles. I think they are SO ugly (hence the name).

The strangest dream I ever had was: well, who knows? It's not as if I record them. I had a weird one recently, involving arriving at a friend's pool party, getting out of my car (it was whisked away by a valet), only to discover that I was wearing nothing but an oxford shirt missing most of its buttons (only the lower two were there) and a pair of panties. It was incredibly odd, not at all "dirty", and not based in anything that I can think of, reality-wise.

I am annoyed because: I have no idea where I stand, as is the case more often than not lately

I feel most beautiful when: I'm laughing

I couldn't care less about: most peoples' opinions of my personality

My favorite kind of movie is: action/adventure

I often get distracted by: reconstructing the past, wandering down paths already wandered before

I am eager to: get the F out

I'm glad that: I'm at least started in that process

I feel guilty about: very little. I gave that up along with a lot of other things about ten years ago.

This really hurts: my face, and now my head

I've finally made peace with: a former coworker whose opinion actually matters to me

I'm most talkative around: people I know very well

I was so embarrassed when: she told me things that I never wanted to know about her very personal life. "Too much information" is not a concept that she understands.

One feeling I hate is: regret

One feeling I love is: appreciation

[from a forum on this site; the title quotation is by Shel Silverstein, from Where the Sidewalk Ends]


  1. I read the one answer as "get the Fout" and spent far too long trying to figure out what Fout is/was. {eyeroll}

    This one is done with the other two.

    1. I could've been more clear there, for sure. Hard to know what it'll look like when I'm writing it, and I never bother to read through it once it's published. :|

    2. No, this is all on my and my shitty eyesight.

      Also, me either, till someone comments and I spot obvious errors.