love, it only seems 2 buy a terminal condition of the heart

My body is...a wonderland, or so I've heard. I'll admit, it's better than it once was, but still not what it could be.

I love it when...I get a really good night's sleep

I think it's hilarious when...I trip over my own feet, over invisible nothing in the middle of an empty floor, while walking up or down stairs, or walk into doorways. What is my deal?!

In my house, we...really like Goldfish crackers

After I eat I always...check my phone, which will not have changed from the last time I looked at it anyway. Force of habit!

I try to eat healthy except...on Pizza Night. And when I eat out with friends.

If I could only see...Johnnie one more time....

The last time...I went to the movies was far too long ago. I wonder when I can get that remedied?

I saw this weird thing yesterday and it...was in my bedroom. Wait, that sounds wrong. A couple of months ago, I bought a pair of shoes by mail. When they came, they were accompanied by an iPod Mini armband, the sort of thing that one wears while running in order to listen to music. I don't own an iPod Mini, and I don't run. Ergo, waste. It's been sitting in my bedroom ever since, and it rotated to the top of the pile yesterday. Anyone interested? Let me know.

Sex is like...Yeti. I've heard rumors of its existence, but....

Romance is...even more rare

When my favorite song comes on, I...can't help but sing along

The last time I went to the store I saw...two cars, one parked on either side of mine, when I returned from my shopping. Since I had parked in the outer reaches of the lot specifically in order to not have anyone near my car, that was annoying and frustrating. And it happens ALL the time.

When he kissed me I felt...lightning run through me, but the exact opposite of deadly. I haven't thought about him in forever, but that brings me right back to his crappy college house and that night with Bryan Adams playing on the stereo. Hmm. Jeff, where are you now?

After I ripped his shirt off, I...poked him in the eye. (Sorry, Rowdy!)

Last night, I...read a book and looked at about a zillion websites

My favorite outfit...changes with the tides. I still need to replace most of my pants.

Winnie the Pooh is...a CHILD'S character.

I will never, ever...go back

I got locked out of my house and I...called a locksmith, but he broke the window anyway. Idiot.

The best cure...is prevention

If I ever thought about...what I was doing, I probably wouldn't have done half the crap I did during college

My dentist...is a lovely person who will, by the end of this month, have a large chunk of my money

Makeup is for...special occasions, mostly

If I ever catch...that one rich friend when he's drunk enough, I'll ask him for the money he offered me the last time he was drunk

Before I go to bed...I'd like to finish the letter I started to my friend in Maine

Last year on my birthday...it was a day like any other day

Once, when it was really...snowy and Rolling Rock'd out, I thought that Dan L. was my soulmate

Someone help me, because...I seriously need to get the Hell out of that place

My very best...self needs a whole lot of down time.

I use soap...to wash my face. Scandal, I know!

Every time I try to...cut down the caffeine, my brain revolts like a million tiny peasants bashing clubs inside my skull.

I woke up in the middle of...the somnolence that had overtaken the marriage, snapped the frozen, little-used emotional ligaments, and made my way out, knowing that the wreckage that I'd made was still less destructive than what would have come later if we'd just kept on.

Someone once told me...that if he were ever to have loved someone, it would have been me. I know that he meant it, and it was all he had to give. I will never forget the feel of his hand around mine, the sound of affection and regret in his voice, and the sense that we were both everything and not quite enough to each other.

[pulled from random website; the title quotation is from 'Condition of the Heart' by Prince]


  1. OK, so who among the people you know is overly Winnie-fied?

    Did this one too.

    1. I do know some adult people who are attached to juvenile characters in what is to me an unseemly fashion. Like, planning their wedding around a Disney Princess theme, for example. Nothing specifically Winnie, but, a serious indication of stuck-in-pre-adolescence.