sometimes just being still is the best thing you can do for yourself

I took a weekend trip back to the southern home. It was the perfect timing for it, with warm and dry weather, nothing going on work-wise, and few other complications. Still, nine or so hours alone in the car took their toll; even with a little extra sleep, I'm zoned out and weird. Tomorrow may be an odd work day.

Although there was theoretically time to do it, I didn't see anyone except the housemates on this trip. It was Female Housemate's birthday today, and she's been--well, really both of them have been--going through some stuff lately. It was just a good time to be home with them for a while. I got there on Friday evening. We spent some time together before and then again after their planned event on Friday night. After a long night's sleep Friday night, we hung out all day Saturday. None of us really slept in very late this morning. I got up and made lemon-blueberry scones, a tradition that we'd enjoyed the whole time that I lived with them (for Sunday brunches). It wasn't too much later that I needed to pack up the car and get on the road again, since I wanted to return before it got too dark. I'm at the end of a cycle of contacts (my lenses last a month and toward the end they get a little foggy and uncomfortable, making driving a challenge). Once back here, I needed to unpack the car (I'd brought back some of the stuff that hadn't really worked out to bring in the big move) and get ready for the work week ahead. I'm disappointed that I didn't get to see more people, and spend some time with a couple that I haven't seen for far too long. But at least now I've reinforced just how easy the trip can be, so the next time it won't be such a production to pop in the car and head down.

While I drove, I mulled over some ideas for future blog posts. It's too bad I don't carry a voice-activated recorder, because I could probably do a decent chunk of pre-writing by just talking to myself in the car. As it was, I was singing along with the iPod and contemplating the playlists that were running, the greater overall meaning behind them, and where my head was when I made them. One of the results was to request input from friends on new music I should be hearing. Another was to hear echoes of something that Female Housemate had said earlier in the weekend. It wasn't exactly a throwaway comment, but it probably wasn't intended to have the whoa response that it's had. More about that--the idea of holding on despite evidence to the contrary--soon.

And I considered a conversation with my dining companion from last Wednesday, too. Something that he said has been rolling around in my mind and nudging me, albeit not necessarily in the manner that he intended. More about that--being focused and intentional in one's career--soon, too.

But now, it's time for bed.

[the title quotation is by Silas House, from Eli the Good]

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  1. You've been writing so much lately! Glad to see you have the bug back and I can't wait to get caught up.