she's a walkin', talkin' reason to live

I've done this one before. The original version was posted in July, 2004.
  • Starting time: 9:50 PM
  • Full name: is probably not even my "legal" name anymore. Curious.
  • Nicknames: they are legion
  • School: I have no class
  • email: there's one at the bottom of the screen if you really, really need it
  • eyes: blue
  • Height: how many ways can I express it? Hmm. How about microns? 1.6256e+6ยต
  • Siblings: at least one, that I know
  • Ever been kissed: yes...
  • Ever cheat or been cheated on?: yes
  • Ever missed school because it was raining? no
  • Ever faked sick? yes. It never pays.
  • Kept a secret from everyone? yes. For all we know, I could be doing it right now!
  • Had an imaginary friend? no
  • Wanted to hook up with a friend? yes
  • Cried during a flick? yes. I'm much more sensitive than I might appear.
  • Who is your "star crush"? meh
  • Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? not
Touching memory: I worked with a lot of "older kids" at the bakery when I was in high school--many of whom could hardly be described as "kids", of course, but my perspective was plenty skewed by my age and inexperience. I wanted desperately to be older and fully accepted into their peer group. Prior to my nineteenth birthday, I began a campaign, attempting to wear down two of my friends to convince them to have a "real" party for me--with everyone dressed up, "wearing ties" and all that.

And so they did. The party was big, well-attended, and pretty amazing. They chipped in and got me a gift that I never would have imagined: diamond earrings, which I really wanted but could not afford to get on my own. And they all wore ties...with their t-shirts and jeans.

  • Drink: Republic of Tea cranberry blood orange tea. Or limoncello.
  • Food: bacon! Crisp but not burnt, on buttered French bread toast. With Coke.
  • Restaurant: I'm not expressing a preference, because my allegiance tends to doom them.
  • Shampoo: Erk. I'm in the "whatever's in the bathtub" phase of my lodging, which is a dodgy affair. I'm looking forward to getting back into the "excessively luxurious" stage of hair products at some point soon.
  • Color: gray, blue, or black
  • Summer/Winter? Autumn!
  • Online/Offline? is there a purgatory choice?
  • Like anyone: Is there an answer to this that wouldn't be utterly depressing or ridiculous?
  • Who have you known the longest out of your friends: in actual chronological time, or just the way it seems when they're being wearisome?
  • Who's the shyest? I am
  • Who do you go to for advice? depends on the nature of the issue. Practicalities must be considered, after all.
  • Who do you get along with? Short-term, I can get along with just about anyone. Long-term, it's a battle few can wage and only the strong survive.
Question: Why are license and other "permanent" photographs so uniformly terrible? They somehow always manage to capture the tiniest glimmer of insanity in one's eye and magnify it beyond the human realm, while also intensifying the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and facial blemishes.

  • Cried: stray tears, nothing concentrated
  • Been mean: I don't think so?
  • Been sarcastic: never
  • Been yelled at: not exactly
  • Talked to someone you have a crush on? 'crush' is such a strong word
  • Kissed someone? no
  • Hugged someone: yes
  • Wished upon a star: no
  • Laughed until you've cried: yes
  • Played Truth or Dare: no
  • Watched a sunrise/sunset: no
  • Went [i.e. "gone"] to the beach at night: are there beaches when it's this cold? I don't even know.
  • Were you [i.e. "been"] lonely? definitely
  • Were you [i.e. "been"] happy? yep, that too
  • Have you talked to someone online? yes, sporadically
Analysis: Just a couple of days until I'm heading back south for the weekend. I haven't even thought about packing, but I'm already wishing I could stay a little longer. Or a lot longer.

This quiz is about half through. The rest will stay in hiding until another day!

time ended--10:41

[the title quotation is from Bruce Springsteen, from "Crush on You"]


  1. The chick from the mountains has to assure the chick from the lakes that beaches exist in the winter?

    My last photo for my license is actually good. So glad they've let me keep it for another four years....at which point it will look nothing at all like me. Some would argue it doesn't already.

  2. By the way, I re-swiped this one again. Secondly, why is your name different? I'm confused.

    1. The way that I typically sign my name in full is not the name that became legal after my last court action. Given my new appreciation for certain legal forms, I've come to realize that I'm complicating my own life by not having confined myself to one standard all along.