sit down to write what you have thought, and not to think what you shall write

  • Are you a good cleaner? I used to think that I was, but have begun to realize that life is just a series of half-finished attempts and miscommunicated mistakes. In other words: no, it's all pretty messy and more often than not, probably my fault, too.
  • Are you a good actor? to the extent that I remain employed, yes
  • Are you a good writer? good question, isn't it? I think that I am. I've been told that I am. But if I can't prove it, than am I, really? Since part (or most, or all) of writing is the production?
  • Have you ever been bungee jumping? no, and I never would. The process and result couldn't appeal any less. How in the world does it end, except ignominiously or worse? I don't even want to know.
  • Have you ever been canoeing/kayaking? yes, on the murky local lake. I've no desire to do it again, either. Ish.
  • What types of holidays do you prefer? quiet
  • What's the furthest you've ever been on holiday? further in my mind (and heart) than in reality. I suppose last May's trip to California was the actual winner in this category.
  • What was your favourite holiday? if this is intended in the British sense, I'll say the vacation in Miami that I took not long after the blog was launched. In the American sense, I'll take July 4. It comes along at a time when a day off from work is a blessing.
  • Where would your dream holiday be? a month-long ramble on the coast, with friends nearby but not right there. A sleek cat for company. Lots of good books and woolly sweaters. And tea.
  • Can you tap dance? no, but it doesn't stop me from clomping around occasionally as if I could--when no one's there to see it. And I would strictly deny it if anyone ever said that I did it.
  • What's your favourite zoo animal? meerkats
  • What's your favourite sport? to play? Table tennis. To watch? Golf.
  • What's your favourite pizza topping? Canadian bacon and fresh tomato

[ripped from here and carved into pieces; the title quotation is by William Cobbett, from A Grammar of the English Language, in a Series of Letters {1818}]


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