skill and pains, bring fruitful gains

It's snowing. After a couple of weeks of spring weather, it's winter again in a big way. We're supposed to get 5-8" overnight, which should be a big mess by the time the temperature hits 38° tomorrow afternoon.

This was a productive weekend, out of character for me. Right after work on Friday, I headed to a friend's house. Their teenaged child will be confirmed in a month or so, and they're getting their house freshened up for the party. A couple of weeks ago I was there for re-flooring a room. This weekend was for painting the living room. On Friday night, we moved all the furniture out and took everything off the walls. Then we Spackled the parts of the walls that needed smoothing, taped off all that needed to be protected, and cleaned. Saturday morning (I stayed over), we got up really quite early and got started. They sanded down the Spackle mounds, I taped some that had been missed the night before (it's just not the easiest thing to do without daylight), and we assembled all the paint supplies. Then they got started. I don't have any confidence for painting, so I was mainly the gofer, re-loader for rollers, switch-plate remover, work light holder, step stool mover, etc. I was up and down that ladder a hundred times, and up and down the stairs to the basement another fifty times, at least! The amazing thing is that we finished the entire room in one day, with an unexpected stop in the middle to trundle into town for more paint. (Why is there never quite enough?)

Today, we went to a local builder's show. There were booths for various house-related companies (contractors, tile installers, window distributors, etc.) and a lot of boats. The big hit was a company that sells cold-blooded pets, though I was glad to stay away from that.

I also managed to read a couple of books of poetry (April is poetry month!) and most of a novel. And folded and stored all my clean laundry. And wrote a couple of letters. Oh, and I got a plant for my office (because it would be sad if I only had plants in five different locations - which had been the case for the last 4 1/2 months).

It would be wise if I went to sleep right now and got up a bit early, because tomorrow's commute is likely to be treacherous. Not so much because of the weather conditions (really, with the ground thawed in most places, it ought not be bad at all) but because people are crazy and will be driving like maniacs. Best to get there and parked before the real wildness happens. I have plans for lunch with a friend I've known since college, which will be fun. It will at least make Monday less Monday, anyway.

[the title quotation is by William Lawson, from A New Orchard and Garden {1597}]

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