Devour your tail and know your sin

Never doubt, always do.
It will come to you then,
Without beckoning,
In reckoning with Hate,
Use joy or fun;
Any combination thereof.
In sum: Love.
No use hating if you don't love to hate,
It must be happily delicious.
The fun in Alice
Is malice.
Darkness is nutritious.
Give it a chew,
It surfaces all the meaning of Mean
In me and you.
Transversely: joy
Springs all the roots in the running boy,
Reverses trends in the suicide,
Breakfasts Jekyll, buries Hyde.
It's best of course: do combinations,
Creations set right in-between;
What's seen or guessed or just half-seen.
Blow out the light, then strike a match,
Lift hatch on old Pandora's trunk,
Let out midnight, then get drunk
On noontime ciders, mornings clover,
Be the rover of both hours,
The day that soars,
The dark that sours.
But this above all, listen, you,
To all your inner selves be true.
If midnight speaks, give it your ear,
Then hear the song that in the breeze
Stands all the Muses in the trees
Again: enjoy it all. Malicious?
Yes! and then let Good enact your wishes.
So roundabout with Yang and Yin
Devour your tail and know your sin.
Run swiftly then through all that's Not.
Scribble it down! or it's forgot!

[Ray Bradbury, 'To All Your Inner Selves Be True', from I Live By the Invisible]

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