don't think money does everything or you are going to end up doing everything for money

Most gasp-inducing thing I've seen at work in a while: documents for someone borrowing 96% of the purchase price of a nearly $150,000 vehicle. That means the down payment on that vehicle was roughly the same as I paid on my current car--which cost roughly 10% of their vehicle's overall price. I realized that, should I ever be in a position to buy a car like that, it's not likely to be financed in quite that fashion. Yipes!

The sweetest/saddest thing I've seen at work lately: documents for the unsecured borrowing of money for two reasons--buying an engagement ring, or paying for a wedding. It makes me feel a hundred years old, stodgy, and rueful.

I've been taking a lot of pictures lately, getting back into my old habit of having a camera in hand whenever I can. I love my phone camera, for the convenience factor, but I want more: a camera that feels substantial in my hand, that's more powerful and customizable and interesting in its own right. I've been contemplating and considering and weighing the idea of buying a "real" camera for a long time, and I'm finally ready. The problem? Money, of course. I can't justify spending that kind of money all at once, particularly at this time in the house hunt. My solution: $5 bills. Anytime I end up with one in my wallet, I'm not going to spend it. Instead, I will put it in an undisclosed location where it can remain, unmolested, until I've got enough (or, in all likelihood, until I've finally located The Camera that I want) and it's time to spend them. (Along with a bunch of extra money that will come from...somewhere.) I decided that change wasn't going to add up fast enough (same with singles), and that anything more than $5 was just silly.

Am also considering putting out a tip jar now and then. Or trading on what I do best. (See photo above.)

This is going to be a pivotal week at work. A big change, some small (irritating) changes, and the possibility of a big practical shift.  We'll just see how this all shapes up.

The music is from the last mix CD in the car, the songs that have run through my head the most. Enjoy!

[the title quotation is by Voltaire {Fran├žois-Marie Arouet}]

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  1. It's still hard to beat having a Leica M series in your hand (especially the new ones), though the Leica C and Leica D-Lux (compacts) are pretty impressive for their size and price. I'm actually quite partial to an inexpensive Samsung compact I picked up for next to nothing with a Carl Zeiss optic that's outstanding. The best cameras are the ones you have with you.