now I'm falling in love too fast - with you or the songs you chose

  • Do you like TV talent shows? not generally, but I have to admit to affection for Howie Mandel, so I've seen America's Got Talent more than once. (He was great in the ancient television show St. Elsewhere--along with Mark Harmon, currently of NCIS fame.)
  • How many hats do you own? a couple of dozen, at least. More since the last time I packed all my stuff up, since there are multiple boxes with that written on the side in my storage area right now.
  • Are you any good at pool? I am. I love it, and I really miss having my own table.
  • What's your favourite accent? it's not so much the accent but the tone of voice, soft and low, and meant just for me
  • In O's and X's, which do you normally pick? is that some Britishism for Tic Tac Toe? Anyway, I'm more X than O.
  • Do you prefer blue or black inked pens? black for most things, but blue for signatures
  • Do you have popcorn with a movie? though I adore the smell of fresh popcorn, I cannot abide eating it
  • Do you have a piggy bank? I do! It was a reward during a work training session. He's full up to the middle of his very round belly. I think that if he is ever filled to the top, he'll burst open because the plastic doesn't seem all that sturdy.
  • What's the fastest you've ever travelled in a car? the fastest I've ever driven is around 110. (Needless to say, I wasn't focused on the speedometer). And I was in a car with someone else driving that was probably going somewhat faster than that. It was exhilarating and terrifying, and hands down the smoothest car I've ever been in.
  • Have you ever been hit on by someone of the same gender? yep. It was a clerk at Bath & Body works. She spent an inordinate amount of time massaging various lotions and potions into my hands, all the while Tsking about my reasons for being there (which were, admittedly, focused on regaining the attention of the guy I was dating at the time). And offering to replace him in my affections.
  • Have you ever flown first class? I have, and it was lovely. Lots of space and more comfortable seats--and early release from the death tube, which is worth almost any price. It was a free upgrade. The plane was overbooked by several seats (probably close to a dozen), and I believe that my companion and I were offered the bump up because we were quiet, polite, had very little carry-on luggage, and were dressed up a bit more than the average air traveler.
  • Who would you say are more attractive, English or Europeans? Is that even a question?
  • How long has your longest ever phone call been? well over twelve hours. There were short breaks for restroom use, and a couple of quiet times while one of us ran the microwave or something, but it was mostly sitting or lying tethered to the wall outlet, and in absolute bliss. I've rarely been as happy as I was during that time.

    (I know that anyone who really knows me well is probably gasping in surprise at the thought of me
    answering the phone at all, much less talking for that long. Yes, I do have it in me. But yes, it's rare to come forth.

[snagged from here and chopped to bits for easier swallowing; the title quotation is from 'Singing in my Sleep' by Semisonic, from Feeling Strangely Fine]

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  1. I've swiped this.

    I think the O/X question would be read in England as "In naughts and crosses, which do you..." at least by older people. Not sure if Tic-Tac-Toe as a name has crossed over the water by now.

    Also, I know you CAN talk on the phone for eons, but only with people with whom you can have a multi-hour conversation. ;-)