now I know what a ghost is. Unfinished business, that's what

Brought to you by the letter "J", the number "6", the Norse god Hœnir, and Listography: Your Life in Lists (written by Lisa Nola, illustrated by Nathaniel Russell)--

List Things You Wish You Had a Second Chance to Do

  • Study in college. I know, I was having fun--but just slightly less partying and more reading (just one or two classes!) would have made it all easier, cheaper, and better.
  • Get my first tattoo. They say "go big or go home", which is usually only so much stupid ego but in some regards makes loads of sense.
  • Say goodbye to someone I love. It did not go as it should have, and EVERYTHING could be different if that one thing had been.
  • Having surgery. Enough said.
  • Keep writing the story with my co-author, rather than allowing less important stuff to get in the way.
  • Take more pictures! Dallas. Santa Fe. Oklahoma. Miami. Bethesda. Michigan. Ohio. Home! Treasures lost.
  • And those thigh-high giraffe boots, damn it.

What's on that list for you?

[the title quotation is by Salman Rushdie, from The Satanic Verses]

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