if monkeys have taught us anything, it's that you've got to learn how to love before you learn how to live

A utilitarian building with a fancy façade
These pictures reveal the water plant in my hometown. Its history is unsurprisingly somewhat muddy--pun intended--as this city is located on an island of sorts. Digging deep wells in an area as alternately rocky and soggy as this is a complex proposition. Read more about it here.

I got some rough news yesterday. My former brother-in-law has passed away. We had not seen each other in years, but I remained aware of his life, from a distance, since he and my sister were still in contact. In fact, they'd gone (with their respective subsequent spouses) on a couple of vacations together. It was a shock to find out that he'd died. He was a good guy, and will be missed.

I love the contrast between brick and stone
Hug your friends, and tell them that you love them. "Later," "next time," or "someday" may never come.

I'm getting things packed, a box or two each day. There's really not that much, right? I hardly unpacked at all when I moved in. How could there be this much?! I admit to a couple of panic attacks since I signed the contract. Will I fail? Will it take far longer and much more work than expected, to move? How long will it be until I'm fully unpacked? Will I ever find all the crap that I'm packing right now?

I spent a good chunk of the afternoon/evening trading song suggestions with a very sad Mumbler. That man can out-do anyone else on the planet with the perfect song for any occasion and with wallowing in depression. If it weren't so counterproductive, I would commend him for it directly. Instead, I attempted to steer his thought process into slightly more upbeat music. Poor lil fella.

The weather has been absolutely perfect for the last couple of days. Warmish during the day, but cool and clear at night. Heading into some rain tomorrow, which is lovely too. If it could kind of calm down and be mostly cloudy and about 65° on Monday, that would be perfect.

Rumor has it that the sixth book in 'The Song of Ice and Fire' will be released in less than a month. Ah, but wait! It's only a short story collection.


[the title quotation is by Harry Harlow]

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