I had rather be on my farm than be emperor of the world

There are very few ways that the state in which I used to live clearly wins against the state I'm in now. Two come to mind. First, filing state taxes is quick and easy there, thanks to an web service that is much like the paid services. Here, it's pen and paper or pay for it. Second, in lots of places down there, moving is a very simple process: there's one website for utilities! You just plunk in your new address, and get ALL of the options available to you for each of the services you might want (e.g. water, trash pickup, gas, electric, cable). You have the ability to just go down the list and choose what you need and want. Here, it's very much more complicated!

Irony: one of the three (four? five?) cable companies in town has a website, but does not offer any prices online, nor an online form to get information. Is this 1997?

Beyond the ridiculous things that Amazon keeps suggesting for me (e.g. sexy sock monkey costumes, $24,000 paintings, and a television that cost half the price of a house), Gmail is now adding to the ridiculous. Well, not Gmail per se, but the spam filter therein. Nearly every day, it will catch a spam message titled, "Married Women Wanna Sleep With You!"
Mmm, doubtful.

I've started packing. It hardly seems possible that I would be needing to do this again, but there's a surprising amount of stuff in this room! I'm excited and keyed up about the move, nervous about the closing, and thrilled about the house. By this time next week, I'll be getting ready to sleep my second night in my own home.

[the title quotation is by George Washington]

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