a man’s worst difficulties begin when he is able to do as he likes

Working through only the first couple of days of this photo challenge is making me itch to get out taking pictures for real. There's something about college towns that makes them ripe for fascinating subjects. Norman, Oklahoma was full of gorgeous architecture, quirky little stores (seriously, some amazing shopping down there), delicious food, terrific scenery, and random little bonuses like this marble-studded star in the middle of a walkway.

Day 3: "Patterns": marble-embedded star in sidewalk, Norman OK
I already wish that I could go back to the place I was this weekend--Jurustic Park--to get more pictures, more detailed. It was overwhelming! There was so much to look at and take in at one time. I think that a second trip, while longer because one would know just how far it is, distance-wise, could be better spent by taking in the facets that could be missed the first time through. For one thing, I know I would take a whole lot more photos of the raw materials and the detail work rather than the larger items. As I look back on it, I am stunned more by the intricacies than the size or overall effect of the works.

And, of course, this time I'd be sure to bring my checkbook. They do not accept credit cards.

[the title quotation is by Thomas Huxley]

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